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Wedding Inspiration | Tips for Planning Your Wedding in a Pandemic

Wedding Inspiration | Tips for Planning Your Wedding in a Pandemic

It's been an unusual and stressful few years for wedding planning with restrictions, lockdowns and border closures wreaking havoc — not to mention the bushfires over last Summer impacting couples with regional weddings. 

Having worked with countless couples' as they went through the heart ache of rescheduling and overhauling their wedding plans, I've put together a few tips from learnings I had over the last few years. 

1 | Ask your guests for their phone number with their RSVP
I know asking for a phone number can feel a bit extra for a wedding RSVP. But trust me, if you have to change the date or communicate a change of plans thanks to wet weather, you'll want phone numbers for your guests. Most wedding websites will allow you to add this option into the RSVP function. If you do have to send out a 'Change the Date', you can have a text message designed that is aesthetically cohesive with your wedding stationery. 

2 | Think twice before having your date & venue appear on your signage 
Nothing is worse than having perfectly good signage printed that can't be used because it has the incorrect date or venue on it. If you want to have a location on the signage, why not be a little more vague and say 'Byron Bay, New South Wales' instead of the venue name? This also applies to date engravings in rings and the wedding date embroidered in the lining of the groom's suit jacket. 

3 | Consider infusing creativity into your styling with evergreen stationery
Whilst calligraphy & hand-lettering on menus and place cards looks visually stunning, it can result in costly changes if you have to move the date, add guests or change caterer last minute. There have been an increasing number of brides opting for digitally designed menus and place cards that are easy to replace if anything changes. If you want to incorporate hand-lettering or calligraphy, consider using calligraphy or hand-lettering to punctuate your table styling. This could be with hand-lettered quotes printed on acetate that can be placed over the menu or quotes to be used in the table-scape. This softens the styling; and the pieces can be used as mementos or artworks long after you've tied the knot. 

4 | Pre-plan for changes in guest numbers
No one wants to have to un-invite guests but in the event that you do, it takes some of the heartache out of it, if you've already considered what needs to be done. For couples' who know they will want to forge ahead with their wedding on the date despite restrictions being in place, having an agreed upon list of guests that you still want in attendance is a good idea. Wedding websites like Wedsites allow you to build these lists in the back end by marking guests by 'A' & 'B' tier; a tool that also helps you execute communication to guests swiftly if you have last minute changes. Having to un-invite guests can feel a bit uncomfortable so I've popped some wording below to help you piece your message together — 

"After a few sleepless nights, challenging conversations and thoughtful consideration, we have made some changes to our wedding. 
We trust you'll understand that with all that is happening in the world today, simple joys like celebrating our love and beginning our future together deserve a place of priority. 
Our love story will continue to be told, albeit in a simpler setting with smaller numbers. And thought it's a shame that you won't be able to join us, we are very excited to celebrate with you when the country, and the world, is in a safer, saner and healthier place." 

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