The Blackline Bottega is a Sydney-based, graphic design studio for brands and bridal clients specialising in handcrafted elements. 

Founded by Lauren Hung in 2014 as ‘the blackline by Lauren’,  the studio has evolved from a calligraphy & lettering business into an interdisciplinary design studio. Recognising this natural transition, the business was relaunched as ‘The Blackline Bottega in 2019.

Our Creative  – Lauren Hung

Sydney-based calligrapher, hand-letterer and graphic designer, Lauren Hung can be found in the studio doing anything from graphic design, to calligraphy and lettering or painting and illustration.

With a background in fashion, her desire to create innovative and modern designs inspired Lauren to launch The Blackline Bottega; with her work continuing to showcase a minimalist, clean and modern aesthetic.

A mindful and open individual, Lauren’s studio is an extension of her values; the space is warm, considered and neutral. And she — alongside the studio – is always motivated and ready to take on whatever design problem or project you may have.