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Design Inspiration | Some of My Favourite Stationery in 2022

Design Inspiration | Some of My Favourite Stationery in 2022

Whilst I sadly cannot show everything that I make in the studio and often cannot share anything I create for commercial brands, I love to do a round up at the end of each year to celebrate all the different stationery designs I worked on across a year. Whilst I create a plethora of projects and enjoy the journey of each, these are the projects that best represent the studio's aesthetic and purpose - and as it coincidentally turns out, tones. The below are some of my favourite creations of the year and the reasons why they made such an impact on me — 

Roger's Christening
I love when clients' approach me with an open mind and Roger's parents did just that. We discussed the beautiful venue that their son would be celebrated in and what the features of the venue were and discussed how we could make stationery that would suit the tone and setting of the day. I love everything about this suite; I love that it all works together without feeling 'branded' and that it perfectly captured the elevated farmhouse vibes of Freds Paddington. It also allowed me to dive into a colour palette I adore; with highlights of duck egg blue.

Bianca & Robert's Wedding
I will never forget working with Bianca because I absolutely loved her attention to detail. As an event production director, Bianca respected the details and I loved the process of working with her on her monotone suite. She pushed my work in a direction that I don't think I would have organically suggested and made me challenge beliefs I had around my own work. I'll always love this suite; and the fact that it included illustrations from Leah Marks. 

Our Wedding Stationery 
It's not everyday I get to approach a brief with so much freedom. This suite honestly took a direction even I wasn't expecting and I think that's why I love it so much; it's the perfect amalgamation of Jordan and I. 

Kate & Luke's Wedding
Maps can feel clunky and artsy but I loved creating Kate & Luke's minimalist suite with the incorporation of a stripped back map of Orpheus Island. I also loved the use of stone as a base colour in the suite as it added warmth. This suite inspired me to suggest this to other couples who also fell in love with the stone-base invitation suite. 

Gritty Pretty x Georg Jensen
These menus were a perfect example of how hand-crafted elements, added to a printed calligraphy menu, can completely transform a table setting. With hand cut borders and painted wavy borders & illustrations, these menus and place cards came to life once they entered the post-print phase. 

Easter Tags
Cute as a button and an unexpected combination of lilac, stone and white, these tags started a fun series of shaped place cards and organic illustrations. 

Despina's 50th Birthday
Sometimes the best part of creating something is seeing where it goes — my pieces travel for me! These gorgeous menus were custom created for Despina's 50th birthday on Kastellorizo - a gorgeous Greek Island! I absolutely loved working with Despina and seeing them come to life with the gorgeous island background. 

Stav's Christening
These baby blue linen invitations with hand-painted white borders and gold stars are a perfect example of how simple hand-crafted elements can make an invitation pop! I loved the colour combination on these invitations and envelopes and how playful they felt for Stavro's Christening! 

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