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Real Beauty | The 2020 Edit

Real Beauty | The 2020 Edit

Every season, I tackle my beauty cabinet and clear away the products attracting cobwebs and those featuring long-past expiry dates. It also gives me a chance to recognise which products I'm loving and those that need to be added to my list of next beauty buys. Whilst some of the recommended products were gifted, they're definitely ones that I will re-buy or have already re-stocked. 

For me, skincare and skin health is key. I'm not that fussed on make up as great skin needs little to adorn it. I've struggled on and off with break outs and ageing (Greys and wrinkles are finally a concern - see you, bye to my 20's!) — and my hair is a wild, frizzy, curly-esque scenario that needs constant love to keep it looking healthy. These are the tried and true beauty products (all used over a few months to several years for proven long term results) that I am currently swearing by. I hope that some of the products that have made my skin & hair regime a piece of cake may help you try something new! Would love to hear what you think on these products too if you try them or have them in your routine! 

01 | Glow by The Beauty Chef

I was a bit skeptical of Glow at first. It seemed like it was getting a lot of influencer / celebrity endorsement and I wasn't sure if it was going to be a bit of a gimmick. Thankfully I decided to give it a go — and I cannot recommend it enough. It tastes great - a little on the sweet side but it's refreshing with a bit of ice - and it has made a noticeable difference to my skin. I've had less break outs, more even toned skin and am less prone to the periodic-skin-break-outs of the past when regularly taking it. 

02 | Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser by Maaemo

I'm obsessed with this cleanser - and so is my partner Jordan! Made with certified organic ingredients & Australian made, this cleanser feels luxe without the astronomical price tag (AU$69.95) and does a phenomenal job of making my skin soft and even. I normally find cleansers dry me out a little bit, but this wonder product deeply hydrates. Jordan and I have been telling random people about this product, that's how much we love it! 

03 | Supreme Balm Cleanser, Skin Caviar Essence-In-Lotion & Skin Caviar Masque Luxe Nuit by La Prairie

Whilst at the upper end of the beauty investments, these three products from La Prairie have given me an other-worldly, luxurious routine for times when I need extra pampering; they don't yet make it into my daily routine. The Supreme Balm Cleanser smell divine and has a gorgeous texture. It feels like skin-butter and leaves my skin hydrated and soft. The Skin Caviar Essence-In-Lotion gives me a really even skin tone and also smells heaven sent. And the Skin Caviar Masque is a sure-fire way to wake up with my skin looking hydrated and plump. These products are a luxury but worth the investment if you like to see your money in your beauty basket. 

04 | Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate, Fresh Scrub, Lip Comfort Oil & Milky Boost from Clarins

If I can recommend one product from this stash and throw exclamation marks all around it, it would be the Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate. It has a citrus scent and is the perfect addition to your bath - particularly if you're into a bubble bath like me! I usually find bubbles dry out my skin, but the tonic has essential oils and makes my skin feel soft, hydrated and rejuvenated. I'm a HUGE fan of it! The fresh scrub has been the perfect exfoliant to my cleansing routine. I use it every couple of days in addition to my cleansing routine. The Lip Comfort oil has replaced all other lip primers for me - especially on cool and windy days. It is nourishing, long lasting and gives a little bit of shine (I have stopped using all other products on my lips). And lastly, the Milky Boost. It's a magical elixir that says it will give a healthy glow and even out skin tone — and it does exactly that. I have worn it a couple of times instead of BB or foundation and LOVE how it makes my skin look. If i feel a little too shiny, I just pop some powder on top. This is going to be one I throw in the beauty bag when I've got limited space for sure. 

05 | Lactic Acid 10% + HA from The Ordinary

At a staggering AU$13, I always leave Priceline feeling like I found a steal. When I started using it, I noticed that it helped clear up a lot of the tiny acne bumps that I'd find around my chin and lower jawline - particularly after coming off the pill. I only use this a few times a week and at night and have found it a really gentle exfoliation in comparison to previous products I've used. The only thing I would say, and it's probably common sense given it's name, is to avoid using this product if you have dry or sun-exposed skin. 

06 | To Save Face 50 + Sunscreen from Mecca

My mum has pale English skin and has always been meticulous about using  sunscreen daily to care for it. But the sun in Australia is strong and upon having a second Melanoma removed, I decided to screw my brain on and start caring for my skin properly. The first dilemma I faced was finding a daily face sunscreen that didn't make me a sweaty-betty-oily mess with break outs and would sit well with other skincare products I use. And the second, to find a product that properly protected my skin from UV Rays. I found it in 'To Save Face'. I wear this daily and love how it smells, feels and treats my skin. 

07 | Anything by Daily Naturals

Another absolute steal from Priceline, the Daily Naturals range is freakishly affordable for its quality. I was gifted some of the products a while back and have continued purchasing it ever since. My hair is a bit of a juggling act as it tends to "get over" shampoos and conditioners, regardless of their quality, relatively fast. I have used the Daily Naturals range for long periods and don't find the same product-fatigue applies. It's Australian made and owned, got lots of goodies in it, and most of the products cost between AU$14-$20. I love the detangler treatment as my curls often whip themselves up into knots and this spray has been a lifesaver for sorting it out. A few sprays in my hair, and five minutes later it brushes out with ease. My go-to shampoo and conditioner is the Colour Protect. 

08 | Masque by Mr Smith

Firstly, I'm absolutely stoked that Adore Beauty is now stocking Mr Smith as it used to be quite difficult to get my hands on the Mr Smith product line. This Masque is so luxe and has become a fundamental part of my beach routine. Anyone else with frizzy, wavy, wild hair will know that beach swims are great for making our curls look great. But the salt simultaneously sucks the life out of our strands. I have struggled in the past to get my hair back to a healthy place after a sun-soaked Summer. But now, I have no problems! I rinse my hair in the shower at the beach or at home before going and apply the mask. After swimming and relaxing at the beach, I go home, wash it out and my hair is soft; having been buffered and protected from the salt. Don't ask me for the science on it, just trust me it works! 

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