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Interiors Inspiration | Your Words in Your Home

Interiors Inspiration | Your Words in Your Home

I love interiors and frequently turn to architecture & interior references when sourcing inspiration. In the mix of filling my home with ceramics, furnishings and artworks that I love, I also love to include a piece that fills my soul with inspiration or direction; words I've written to myself or words that capture the vision of where I'm going. Whilst few things make me cringe more than a mass produced artwork or motivational quote in the home; a tasteful and subtle artwork that resonates has the opposite effect - tying all your loved things together and into a vision. 

I've included words in my home interiors in a variety of ways over the past few years, and created artworks for clients. Here are a few ideas on how you can tastefully incorporate words that resonate with you in your home. 

01| On your bedside table

One of the most intimate parts of your home is your bedroom. I love to keep words that are resonating with me on my bedside table; positioning my thoughts before I go to sleep and as I wake up. This is particularly special if you take a digital shabbat before sleeping or meditate / rise slowly in the mornings. 

02 | As a wall series

I love to keep a neat home with my favourite items around me. I'll never be accused of being minimalist; but I am very considered about what I have out on display. When creating a wall series, I want to make sure that every artwork has it's place and works well with other pieces. I map it out in terms of colours, size of wording, cardstock textures and layout. I particularly love creating work that looks great from afar and has to be viewed close up to appreciate the detail. Artworks, in my humble opinion, should enhance the ambiance of a space and not swallow a space. This is a great way to create art from lyrics, poems, quotes, psalms you love and want the tone of your home to embody. Or if the words are relevant to a particular moment in time, like they were for my clients, you can frame them with photographs of that moment in time. 

03 | As a stand alone, unframed artwork 

I love allowing the artworks in my home to evolve. Whilst I have a few statement artworks by favourite Australian artists - Angela Hayson, Bel Campbell & B Balliro - that always remain, I allow the smaller artworks in my home to evolve according to where my partner and I want to go and what we're resonating with. For this reason, I don't always frame my artworks. When I'm not planning on framing a piece, I tend to execute it on deckle edge paper and rest it aesthetically on marble blocks in my studio or up against an abstract artwork. This way it's in my line of eye, without being obtrusive. And once I'm no longer wanting it in my space, I pop it in my journal to mark a moment and time when that was my focus & inspiration. 

04 | Re-work old faithfuls

I had a gorgeous client, Brooke, commission a re-work of an old faithful- you'll recognise it at first glance. She'd received a sentimental gift from a family member and wanted to re-work it in a way that aesthetically fit her home. When I want to make words fit in my home, it's important that they align with the rest of my interior direction; otherwise I feel like something is jarring or competing for attention when I enter and it affects my enjoyment of being in that space. Sometimes it's not just the way the words have been executed but also the size, layout and colours of the artwork; all of which can be reconsidered in a re-work.

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