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Design Inspiration | The Everyday Luxury Card Collection

Design Inspiration | The Everyday Luxury Card Collection

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Have you ever stood in a newsagency or department store trying to find a birthday or wedding card and realised that you're going to have to settle for something a bit "knaff"or "cheesy" that feels completely out of character coming from you? 

Embarrassingly —as a stationer who could with some foresight have made a card myself — I have been in this predicament many times. I've realised I don't like funny one liners, illustrations (for the most part), colour, lightweight cardstock, puns, one-liners or really anything unnecessary on my cards. I want to deliver a simple message on a stunning cardstock with a bit of weight and for my heartfelt message to not feel like a tack on or after-thought. 

So in answer to my predicament - and potentially yours - I've created 'The Everyday Luxury Card' collection. The cards aren't supposed to blow your socks off with their wit or dazzle you with colour; they're intended to be an extension of your personal stationery, your refined wardrobe and your considered approach to life. Carry one in your handbag, keep a set in your drawer; these cards are a collection that you can give to a friend once, or continue giving them for life. 

The everyday collection features cards for all occasions - for birthdays, newborns, parents, to celebrate wins and to commiserate on losses.

The bridal collection features cards for your loved one on special days or on the morning of your wedding; and cards to ask your nearest and dearest to be part of your big day.

They're hand-lettered and printed on 345gsm linen stock and come with a beautiful contrasting blank black linen envelope. 

The cards will be launching later this year, but to celebrate their near arrival, you can join the waitlist here to to access special card bundles that I'll be offering on their launch.


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