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Wedding Inspiration | My Predictions for Weddings in 2022

Wedding Inspiration | My Predictions for Weddings in 2022

Every year new wedding trends come and go, but with all the upheaval and changes that we've endured over the past couple of years, I think there are some changes that will be here to stay. Here are my Top 5 predictions for weddings in 2022:

1 | Intimate Weddings & Elopements Are Here to Stay
After years of delays and postponements, it's no surprise that expectations around weddings are changing. I've had a growing number of couples' choose to have micro-weddings or elope - not because they couldn't have the "big day" but because the restrictions made them want the focus of their day to be on their relationship and getting married, not the wedding itself. This trend is being beautifully supported by a talented group of suppliers who specialise in micro-weddings and engagements like Elope and Sir Ivory. 

Image courtesy of Full Hearts Wed.

2 | The Big Party to Follow
If you're going to elope or have an intimate ceremony, you're probably going to want to celebrate it with friends and extended family afterwards! The big belated party is the new reception — an opportunity to celebrate your union with loved ones without the pressure of the ceremony on the day. Couples are choosing to do this days after their wedding, months down the track or on the anniversary of your wedding. And you can keep the party as formal or informal as you like. Some of my favourite versions of the big belated party have included a cocktail party at Beta Bar, a sit-down dinner at a beautiful airbnb and pub drinks. 

Image courtesy of The Wedding Shed; photographed by Nina Claire Photography and featuring work by The Wedding Shed, Elope, Braer Weddings and The Blackline Bottega. 

3 | Re-designed Weddings
If there is one things that 2020-21 taught us, it's that anything goes, and this translates to weddings too. Couples are being far more intentional about what they include in their weddings and questioning what makes sense for them. Some deviations from traditional options include having a welcome to country, not having a bridal party, doing away with the wedding cake, catching the bus or tram instead of hiring a wedding vehicle and getting ready together. And the benefit of this is no one knows what surprise you're going to spring on them next — it makes for a thoroughly exciting day! 

4 | Non-Traditional Wedding Outfits
There are a growing number of options for brides who don't want to wear traditional white or wear a full length gown on their wedding day. From Olivia Palermo's skirt & cashmere sweater combination to beautiful mini dress options from Harriette Gordon - wedding attire is no longer about meeting the institution's brief but expressing yourself authentically and as an elevated version of your everyday-self. 

5 | Pearls & Linen
Sometimes historically considered a symbol of bad luck for weddings, pearls are being re-invented as the wedding accessory of choice. From pearl jewellery to pearl straps on wedding gowns and hair accessories, pearls will be a dominant choice of accessories for brides. As will elevated linen dressing for bridesmaids and guests. With brands like Jillian Boustred and Dissh offering beautiful linen options for bridesmaids , we predict bridal party dresses will feature more of this light fabrication in the future. 

Feature Image courtesy of Lucie Weddings. 

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