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Let's Get Digital | Creating Your Wedding Website on WedSites

Let's Get Digital | Creating Your Wedding Website on WedSites

We're big believers in wedding stationery being cohesive from the mail out of Save the Dates to the Thank You notes sent after your big day, and that's why we're excited to announce that we've been working with WedSites to create a platform that will work seamlessly with the majority of the suites we create! 

With customisable calligraphy, lots of options as to how you edit your page to keep it seamless and a back-end that will make you wonder how planning your wedding could become so easy, WedSites has been the dream partner to work with! 

Features & Benefits - 

COHESIVE SUITE | The big PLUS with working with Wedsites for us is the ability to customise Headings. We've worked closely with Wedsites so that you can have a cohesive suite across your paper stationery and website. 

COST |  WedSite websites cost between AUD$25 to $80 depending on the tools you require and whether you want paper stationery to go alongside it. We highly recommend the entry level website with the toolkit ($30) if you just need a website and not any digital mail. 

Please note that currently the online stationery is not customisable - and the default digital calligraphy on it does not match that of The Blackline Bottega. 

SERVICEAyla is the Queen of Service! If you have a question, I've not doubt her team will be on to it! And there is a little digi-helper that will keep you going and point out anything you may have missed on your website. 

FLEXIBILITY The templates have loads of features and are easy to use - you can opt between single page scrolling (as per my example) or multi page layout, you can change the language on your forms, get printable reports, digitally highlight information in the back end, or click 'Simplified Design Layout' if the template you have has illustrations / flourishes you don't want. But the site also has Custom CSS for developers so if you require something extra, that can also be done with a developer! 

IT PLANS FOR YOU | WedSites is more than a website builder. It's an all inclusive wedding planner. It has the ability to request guests' addresses ahead of any mail out and link them to subsequent RSVP's, dietary requirements - and in turn pop the guests on a seating plan. It takes all the frustration out of building a website, and comes along as a sidekick to assist in all the frustrating duties that are part of planning a wedding. 


How To Work With The Blackline Bottega on Your Website - 

PAPER STATIONERY | We love paper stationery and nothing has changed that! But we recognise that with an increase of interstate and international weddings, websites can be useful tools in the mix. So let us help you with your paper stationery items, create the calligraphy you'll need for your website and help you keep everything cohesive. 

WEBSITE | Hate the thought of building your website and just want access to the tools? We can build your website for you so it's cohesive with your suite. You'll also have access to the website to manage the planning and access the RSVP's, data etc. 

CALLIGRAPHY | Decided you don't want paper stationery and just want everything on your website? Not a problem! We have a put together a package price for the calligraphy. You just need to let us know which of the following you need in calligraphy & the style that you are after - 

1| Stacked Version of your Names (Mandatory) 

2| Single Line Version of your Names (Mandatory)

3| Our Story (Optional)

4| Our Proposal (Optional)

5| Wedding Party (Options - you can also opt to have subheadings with the wedding party members names ie. Belinda (MOH), Mark (BM), Marion (BM), Dave (G), 

6| Schedule (Optional - you can also opt to have subheadings for the event names ie. Pre-Drinks, Wedding, Recovery Brunch)

7| Information (Optional)

8| Registry

9| Other (You may want to have a new section in your website. Just let us know what additional titles you'll require)


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