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Learn Freehand Calligraphy With Us Online! | Skillshare

Learn Freehand Calligraphy With Us Online! | Skillshare

Ever wanted to learn freehand calligraphy? With COVID-19 keeping us in our own spaces, we created an online class to help you beat 2020 and it's bad news cycle by helping you tick off your "learn calligraphy" box on your bucket list! And all from the comfort of your own home... could it get any better?  

Based on the face-to-face workshops that we've previously run, this shorter course makes walking away with your own unique calligraphy style the main focus. You'll still learn calligraphy techniques and drills but we also manipulate the techniques to create a style that comes innately from you. 

One of our favourite aspects of this class is that by signing up to Skillshare you will also have access to calligraphy classes from heavyweights in the industry like Seb Lester!! And in our opinion, the more calligraphy styles you expose yourself to, the better and more flexible your practice will be. 

Skillshare offers 2 months of their premium membership for free - that means, once you have the equipment, you can follow the course for 2 months for free; repeating the lessons you need additional help with and creating multiple class projects! And if you love the platform enough to stay, you'll have endless hours of workshops and classes at your fingertips. 

We can't wait to see what you create!!!

You can find the class here.


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