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Everything You Need To Know About Creating Your Wedding Stationery

Everything You Need To Know About Creating Your Wedding Stationery

As a studio providing custom wedding stationery and signage, we know one of the most confusing and overwhelming aspects of stationery can be discerning between card stocks, printing finishes and knowing where to begin!

We've put together the below guide as an introduction to deciding what you need, what you want and ensure that you have a stationery suite that leads seamlessly into the day you tie your love knot.

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Who should create my wedding stationery? 
There are so many options on the wedding market that it's best to consider - Who is making stationery that you love? What is your budget? And how much of the creative process do you want to be involved in?

We've tried to make this process as flexible as possible at The Blackline Bottega as we understand that every couple has different budgets and different needs. Some clients choose to purchase their names in calligraphy from the studio and work with other designers' on the suite / day stationery when their aesthetic isn't quite in line with what we produce at the studio. Other couples purchase digital wedding stationery they can hand over to their local printer. And others choose to have the whole process overseen by the studio.

Understanding the studios' process, aesthetic and being realistic at the beginning about what you're going to get is the best way to avoid disappointment!

I want a custom suite! What do I need to know when approaching my designer / stationery studio? 
It's best to have considered a few things before approaching your designer. These include, but are not limited to: 

1. What is necessary in the suite? Do you need RSVP Cards or can the RSVP go on the invitation? Do you also need on-the-day stationery such as menus, place cards, order of ceremony and signage?

2. Taking into consideration couples & families, how many units of each piece will you need?

3. What is your budget?*

4. What is your colour scheme / theme of your wedding day? Will it be a formal / casual occasion?

5. Do you have a preference for letterpress invitations? Do you want to have special printing finishes like gold foil, de-bossing, rounded corners? Do you want your stationery cards to be rectangle or cut into arches, circles, geodes etc.? 

6. Do you require envelopes to go with the pieces? If so, do you want them to be blank or printed with guest names & addresses, a mixture of handwritten & typed text or entirely handwritten.

7. Do you have any card stock requirements? Do you want them to be coloured? Crisp white & textured? Or are you after indie handmade papers and require stock that is 300 / 600 GSM?

8. What is your timeline? This one is crucial in terms of making sure your deadlines are met and clearly outlining what your timeline is will help your designer know what can realistically be achieved.

It's also really important to make sure you get the most out of your designer. Like any first date or interview, ask questions about additional costs and what your designer is expecting from you. If you haven't worked with a designer before, let them know so they can outline their process with you and ensure you're on the same page in terms of points of contact, deadlines and expectations. 

*Budgets & weddings can be a tricky conversation but where possible we ask our clients to be transparent about their budget as it helps us make their budget work harder for them.


Any other helpful tips? 
There are some things that we keep at the back of our minds when designing your suite that you may not be aware of -

1. Postage stamps differ in cost (in Australia) depending on the size & weight of the envelope. It's a good idea to keep this in mind when choosing your invitation / envelope size so you don't get a surprise at the post office when you go to mail your pieces out! (Check with your local post office as the parameters are constantly changing) 

2. All things can be done, but they come at a price! A lot of the images that we receive sent as references have come from Pinterest & Instagram. Sometimes these images are from editorial shoots and the pieces are more conceptual than practical. Whilst your designer will do what they can to create something the same, they may need to tweak, change elements in order to make it practical & work within your budget.

3. Less units doesn't frequently equate to a more economical stationery package. Standard digital printing only attracts a bulk discount at 50 units so I will sometimes advise that we increase the quantity because the price is better. This is particularly relevant with suites that are letter pressed or include metallic foiling.

We hope this guide helps you sit down and plan your wedding stationery!


All images are courtesy of The Blackline Bottega and are from previous' clients wedding stationery suites. 

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