The first wedding anniversary is the 'Paper Anniversary' and we love helping
our couples' celebrate this beautiful moment in their relationship. With endless options as to how the vows can be captured, the vows can be made to slip seamlessly in with your home interiors or to be kept out of sight as a sacred memento of the promises you made to one another. 

We can create single artworks with both your vows together or dual artworks that allow your vows to sit perfectly side by side. To receive a quote for your vows to be written, please email If you could please include your vows, an approximate size for the artwork/s and whether you're interested in single or dual artworks on enquiring that will help us put as accurate a quote together as possible. 

To see more examples of recent vow artworks created by the Blackline Bottega, please visit us on Instagram or Pinterest

*Please note we have minimum spend limits on our custom wedding stationery.