The Travel Guides

The Travel Guides

To travel well, you have to learn how to travel.

You must find the unique blend of parts that will transform your trip from another experience to one that stays with you over a lifetime.

Having grown up in a large family where taking a holiday meant being ushered from site to site from the early hours of the day*, I developed a habit of conveniently “spraining my ankle”. This self-diagnosed condition meant it was impossible for me to leave the car to see yet another landmark I was prejudiced against and at leisure to read the next chapter of my book in peace. Ironically, my ankle always healed when the activity at hand involved food or something I deemed of interest.

Whilst this story paints me as a manipulative child (Let’s call it independent – I am in hindsight profoundly grateful that I got to see much of Australia at such a young age!), these early experiences made me consider how I would travel once I was in charge of the itinerary. I knew I’d never go anywhere with wax figures - the historical sites we visited with them terrified me – and I’d choose to explore a site alone than take a tour. I’d chase cultural experiences & meet locals rather than visiting tourist hot spots and immerse myself in a region instead of trying to conquer a country in a week.

We all appreciate different things in travel, and having now travelled solo, with family or with friends to various places around the globe I’m familiar with what leaves me feeling inspired and relaxed by the end of a trip and what leaves me feeling drained; and where possible I try to cultivate the former. I’m buoyed by aesthetics, rural settings, well-designed spaces and untainted local culture, food and wine. I collect beauty; drawn to the details, colours, tones & textures of a place over the iconic landmarks to be seen within it.

I hope whilst reading the guides, you not only add these incredible regions to your bucket list but the aesthete in you finds inspiration in the colours, textures & soul of these towns and regions.

 The first guide focuses solely on a Southern Italian town in the region of Basilicata - Matera. Whilst Matera isn't a huge town, it is rich in history and promise and the mark it left on my heart & memory made me dedicate an entire guide to it's haunting beauty. I hope this guide inspires you to visit this beautiful part of Italy and inspires you creatively from home. Enjoy!


*I think my siblings and I might be the only children to have been woken up by our parents on holiday to go and conquer the list of site-visits and activities for the day. What were my parents thinking?

You can find the first Travel Guide to Matera in the Online Shop


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