Real Branding: Hens by Enough Studio

Real Branding: Hens by Enough Studio

One of the most rewarding journeys of a creative studio is to be part of an emerging or established businesses' brand story; taking the owner's passion and vision for their business and transforming it into a tangible story, aesthetic and brand. 

Sometimes we work with clients directly and other times it is a collaborative effort - working with the client's graphic designer or agency to bring handwritten, personalised elements into their brand. 

Hens by Enough Studio was a logo we worked on with Kate of Adelaide studio, Bluebelle Studio. Enough Studio is an eco-holistic hair salon in Adelaide, run by visionary Lisa Nguyen, who was looking to expand into Hens events in the minimalist Enough Studio space. Lisa wanted 'hens' to blend seamlessly with her existing logo for Enough. She wanted the branding to be modern, androgynous and the antithesis of floral & feminine hens branding she'd seen elsewhere. 

We spoke about keeping the lines angular and streamlined without making it look typed and digital. In the end, Lisa fell in love with a scratchy, angular option of 'hens' that has blended into the branding and marketing of Hens by Enough seamlessly. 

You can find out more about Hens by Enough at @hensbyenough on Instagram. 

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