Let's Get Cosy With The Blackline Bottega!

Let's Get Cosy With The Blackline Bottega!

It's been five years since the blackline by lauren launched "accidentally" amidst a career crisis for our Creative Director Lauren Hung. For those who supported the business in the early days, it will come as no surprise that as the business has grown and evolved, the vision and focus of the brand have also changed. Sojourns to Italy, an expanded offering of services and creative input have shaped the business into The Blackline Bottega. Here we say goodbye to the blackline by lauren, explore why the name has changed to The Blackline Bottega and discuss what the new creative studio is all about.

We've been evolving before your eyes

For the last 5 years we've been predominantly known for the calligraphy and hand-lettering Lauren has been creating for luxury brands and bridal clients. But we've been busy creating all kinds of visual, design & written work - including logos, branding, copywrite and content. Projects & stationery completely devoid of calligraphy.

We've taken on design work & events that have had us managing multiple creatives - from graphic designers to illustrators and artists; streamlining the process of creating multi-medium client work (Having a project managed by a supplier who is creative & management-minded can make the process more streamlined than handing over to a managerial team / PR team who aren't familiar with what the artists / illustrators require to do their best work). 

And add to all of this - our style has been evolving! We've found our aesthetic and our strengths and weaknesses after years of completing client work and are proud to own it.

For this reason, 'the blackline by lauren' just didn't sit well with us any more. It didn't inspire us and it didn't unify us. We felt like we were trying to operate like adults in baby slacks. And it was time to say goodbye!

Hello to The Blackline Bottega!

When brainstorming names for the studio, one word kept screaming out to us - 


We love it because of it's connection to Italy and how much the new values of the studio are influenced by Southern Italian culture (Just the best parts and not the Mafia for clarification!) We love that its definition is more reflective of the team and the work we execute daily in the studio.

Bottega; the studio or workshop of a major artist in which other artists may participate in the execution of the projects or commissions of the major artist.

With a love of fostering artists and the creative community, The Blackline Bottega is a name we know we can live in and grow into.

So what can we do for you?

Let's be clear, Lauren is still here and as a creative studio we still specialise in calligraphy! BUT, you can now take advantage of other services at The Blackline Bottega whether you need handwritten script included or not! You can find a full list of our services here and you will continue to see all of our latest work on Instagram.

We have some more exiting announcements coming as part of the re-brand so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements and services over the coming months!







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