Creatives in Crisis | Lisa of Enough Studio

Creatives in Crisis | Lisa of Enough Studio

Well, life sure is different right now!

A month ago we were talking about meeting each other for coffees and drinks at the pub, or having date nights in our favourite restaurants. And now it's isolation this, and quarantine that. So I wanted to put a piece together that reminds us all that we're here and in the trenches together! We're each others' best allies and life support through this. 

The incredible women interviewed over this series are from all over the country. They're artisans, business owners and freelancers I've walked my creative journey with. As such, they've all be hit in various ways by the crisis and have generously shared their journey over the past few weeks and months. I hope you'll be inspired by their stories, encouraged to connect and gleam little rays of wisdom from the way they've pivoted & adapted during this time! 

Let's get to know Lisa Nguyen.
She is the visionary behind Enough Studio in Adelaide. 

Thinking back a few weeks, what was the last normal day of work for you like? (Before COVID-19 hit and self isolation was a thing). What did you do in it? What were your plans for the next few months? 
The last sense of normality in regards to work life was being at the studio and connecting with our community who come to our space often for hair services, yoga, events and workshops, we were celebrating life and sharing the space with family and friends. 
Our plans for the next few months were to strengthen these connections and witness and contribute to the love and positivity amongst our community through a calendar of workshops, pop-ups and collaborations which have been put on hold.  

How has the space you're working in changed/ work flow changed? 
The situation has evolved very quickly and we will continue to adapt and introduce new measures as it progresses. As a hairdressing salon, we were lucky to have the 30minute service restriction lifted because there was no way that it would have been possible for us to operate at a high standard and keep with these rule. Currently, we are still open but with reduced hours and a smaller team. Strict guidelines are being adhered to in our salon which include; disinfecting surfaces, door handles, stations, basins, the card machines in between every client, removing all magazines, placing extra hand sanitiser around the salon, reducing the amount of clients we see a day to keep with social distancing guidelines. 
Lisa (left) with fellow Enough Studio hairdresser Charlotte.
What is the greatest challenge you've faced in the last few weeks? 
The greatest challenge in the last few weeks has been learning to navigate these uncertain times as a small service based business owner, pivoting and possibly offering something for clients that can’t make it to the studio, ways we can look after them from the safety of their homes and thinking of ways we can make our studio a safe retreat and place of respite and restoration for our clients that are still comfortable with visiting us.
What have you implemented into your daily schedule to keep yourself sane? Stay creatively motivated? Or are you embracing this time to take space for yourself? 
I have noticed how much stress and anxiety during these times has caused some tension in the body, mind and spirit, I have been trying to do more yoga to ease this and focus on my breath and just breathe!
Coming to work is like coming home to me, coming in to Enough has been giving me a sense of normality, the experience of working from home is a new one for me, but I’m starting to get a bit unnerved by the distractions and cabin fever is setting in!
During this time of contraction, I am spending time working on my business, building content and awareness that will help in the current time and the future. I have been using this time staying creative filming video content, something I would ordinarily be too busy to do. 
How do you stay connected with your family, friends, and business friends? 
It’s been extremely hard for me to not see my family, I’m a massive family-orientated person. I have made the decision to not see my parents and pregnant sister during this time as I don’t want to take the risk while I am still working. This has resulted in dropping food at their door and extra long phone calls everyday, which is actually a really lovely thing, I am communicating with them a lot more! 
I’m so grateful for my friends and in particular business friends. I have really felt the connection, love and generosity through this time, it makes it so much easier to get through each day and knowing that we are really all in this together. We are all practicing kindness and empathy, reaching out and helping each other when we need it. 
I have been working on an initiative on Instagram to keep our community connected and inspired during this time with segments presented my our friends, experts of their field offering tips, tricks and advice - something to make us smile, learn and laugh!!
What are some things you'd like to do / you are doing during self-isolation that you maybe wouldn't have considered if you weren't confined to your house?I’m going to organise a virtual girl night in with the girls soon and perhaps send them all a pamper pack, we could all put on face masks and drink wine! This will have to supplement our dinner catch ups!
Is there anything we can do to support you & your business through this time? 
If you would like to show us some love, are considering a beauty or self-care purchase we are now offering our haircare products for takeaway or delivery. We also have gift vouchers available and make a lovely remote gift for a loved one or yourself to use for future in store services or purchases.

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