An Ode to Women | Katie Northwood

An Ode to Women | Katie Northwood

There is no one I'd entrust more with a women's day blog post than Katie Northwood. Former Editor of Samantha Wills Foundation, Katie has spent years championing, celebrating and supporting women in business; including myself! Moved by this ode, I encapsulated some of her beautiful words in organic, unleashed, script to emulate the magical, powerful, unrestrained women we are with all our facets; our flaws and our crowns.


An Ode to Women this International Women’s Day.

I love International Woman’s Day. 


It is a day that comes with an outpouring of love and support for the fearless females of the world. The kind, the creative, the nurturing, the headstrong, the inspiring and the resilient - women


But more importantly, it celebrates women.


It celebrates the beautiful dichotomy of what it is to be women; we are soft yet unbreakable, we are lovers and fighters, we are able to draw from the past, yet always be looking forward. We can climb, and we can pull others up.


As I’m sure it has for any of you reading this, it got me thinking about how ridiculously lucky I am to be surrounded by the women that I have in my life, and how I am better for them being in it. They are fiercely loyal, they build me up and make me see the things in myself that I couldn’t, and they are each so uniquely amazing that I could easily write a book on every single one of them (and hell, maybe I will!)

So for these women I know, and those that I don’t, thank you for making this world better, just by being in it.

I see her for her heart, and the strength that she possesses.

Unwavering is her courage, in the face of all life’s stresses.

Her beauty is her softness, woven in amongst her tough,

But the most stunning thing about her, is her knowing she’s enough.

She’s the sum of all her thoughts, her wildness and her quiet,

Digging deep to rally for her tribe, and if called on, she will riot.

Inside her is a universe, her loved ones are here held,

And for these lucky beings, forever upwards they’re propelled.


Through lessons lived, wins and losses, her self-value is derived,

And ‘equal to, not lesser than’ is where she has arrived.

Her power is not diminished when she ignites the light of others,

For it brightens the world when we lift our sisters, friends and mothers.

We share a commonality - you are her and she is you.

There’s a way women touch all things in life, in a way only we can do.

For together, separately yet always united, we continue to raise the bar,

So celebrate her, and she, and we, and cherish all that we are.

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